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For Beginners. . . Start Here

So you have a great product and a motivated sales team just chomping at the bit to make appointments, hit the road and present your great idea to the world.

Problem is. . . your product is hastily packed into a corrugated box. . . lacking any external branding. . . and once at the client’s, the set up time is killing the deal!!!

To top it off, your box just scratched the “potential’ customers $2000 conference table.

Now you look bad. . . really bad.  That’s not good and you probably won’t get another chance with them.

Well, here at Alpack Associates, we can help you.  Big time.

Our extensive experience is matched by our ability to design and manufacture a perfectly suited solution to your EXACT needs, no matter the product or industry.

We’ve already done it, with hundreds of companies of all sizes.  And most importantly, we’ve been where you are.  We’ve learned from all the mistakes made in field sales, so you don’t have to. . . EVER AGAIN.

So what now?

First of all, you can CALL US.  Our number is (973) 955-4747.  That’s Ken’s extension. We’re here to assist you and walk you through the process from concept to prototype to production.  Order your custom sample case today.

Phone Shy?  No worries.  We work with shy companies too.  Simply complete the form shown below and if possible upload a photo of your product(s).   When taking the photograph, please put a ruler or tape measure next to your stuff to give us an idea of its size/scale. Also, indicate the weight of each item.

Before You Call. . .

We’re going to want to know a few things right off the bat, so please read the questions below right before you call.

  • Is this for a sales person?
  • Is it carried or shipped?  Both?
  • How many will you need?
  • How many items will go into the case?
  • What are their size and weight?
  • Are they delicate? (Will they break if dropped from your desk?)
  • Will they need to operate inside the case?

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This site has been setup purely for demonstration purposes and the content is designed to showcase the capabilities of Alpack Custom Case Company. None of the given examples on this site are for sale or re-sale. All images are © and each custom example is unique to the end-needs of that particular customer. Photos may not be copied or reproduced without explicit permission from Alpack.