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ATA Spec 300 Shipping Containers

Lab Tested and Engineered to Last:

ata-top-case-448x213Every Alpack ATA Container meets or exceeds all requirements of the Air Transportation Association Specification 300 Category I.
Laboratory tests have found Alpack ATA Containers to be water resistant, dust proof and structurally resistant to repeated impact and excessive shock.  Field reports confirm Alpack reusable containers provide years of service, making well over 100 round trips.  Test reports are available upon request.

Custom Foam Interiors:

ata-bottom-case-337x308All Alpack ATA Containers are available with custom engineered interiors constructed from the most modern shock absorbing packaging materials known.  Foam type is determined by specific need for deflection, elasticity and performance under load.

Polyurethane esters, ethers and polyethylene foams are die cut,  fabricated and can be canvas covered to protect the most delicate instruments.

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